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I usually sell magic material through others, but I’ve started releasing some material under my own name. Here is the latest ebook, which you can buy from here.



18 effects plus extras taught over 145 pages of in-depth instructions and colour photographs. First in a series of new ebooks. The PDF file is sent by email after payment is received.

Praise for effects included in “Moments”:

“Peter is the real deal. Buy everything this man sells!” – Justin Miller

“All I can say is Wow!” – Cameron Francis

“Not that I need say it but this is GENIUS!! Thank you Peter!!” – Ben Williams

“A must have! Amazing!” – Alan Rorrison

“BUY THIS! Very clever…” – Cody S Fisher

“Peter is a creator who totally gets it. Doesn’t get any better than this.” – Josh Zandman

“So many miracles… ingenious!” – Mike Hwang

“Wow. Every single effect, that’s right every one, I can see myself using.” – Tom Begley

“This is incredible. Thank you for this genius piece of work Peter.” – Cody Gutcher

“It’s a superb routine and I can just imagine the reactions you must get with this. Super subtle miracle – I love it!” – Dave Forrest

“This is the most insane thing I have ever come across. Peter always has to take things one step further than it has to go. One of the best in the business.” – Dan Army

“Peter is magic’s best kept secret.” – Greg Barrett

“I have one word for this man – GENIUS!” – V. Timlic

“Deal Me In is the best gambling demonstration of the year. Incredible.” – Wayne Hamilton

“This man is absolutely killer.” – Aleksiz Sances

“Feels like real magic. Genius.” – Philip J

“I’m knocked out. The thinking is brilliant” – Charles “Calthrop” McFarlane

“I will be using it for the rest of my life, or at least until real magic is invented.” – Jamie Nicholson


  • Catalyst Got Your Tongue? – Impossible, elegant, impromptu two-card transposition.
  • I Hate Self-Workers – The spectator puts cards anywhere they want and still locates and separates the aces and kings under impossible conditions.
  • Connected – The spectator rips a card into four pieces. The magicians takes three of these pieces and they vanish. The spectator is asked to check their wallet and finds the three pieces fully-restored, except for the last piece that is missing, which they still have.
  • Strangest Card – A signed prediction card is revealed not only to correctly identify the spectator’s selection, but it IS their signed selection!
  • Strangest Card 2007 – Advanced handling (different method) for the above effect.
  • Harrison Transpo – A four-of-a-kind switches with another four-of-a-kind in an impossible way, then switches back.
  • Quicker Than The Eye – A coin routine where two coins swap places in various ways, often visual, before vanishing in a surprising way.
  • Back To Basics – Impossible coin routine with the spectator’s coin appearing in the performer’s pocket, under the performer’s watch, under the spectator’s watch… and then in the most unexpected place…
  • Roamin’ Romans – Coins are marked I and II. Spectator takes one, performer takes the other. They switch. This is what real magic would be like.
  • Deal Me In – A three phase gambling presentation with an impossible and magical climax.
  • Split – The spectator selects any card from a red deck. The card is signed then lost in the deck. It is then found by the spectator is a boxed blue deck they’ve been holding since the effect started.
  • Triple Trouble – A card effect with multiple climaxes.
  • Ascension – An impromptu haunted deck effect.
  • Don’t Hassle The Hof – A variation of the Hofnizer problem.
  • Harrison Sandwich – A signature effect of mine that catches out magicians and laymen alike. It’s a sandwich effect with a climax that nobody sees coming.
  • Who’s Your Mamma? – Two signed cards of different colours switch their colours. Elegantly streamlined to two sleights.
  • Prehistoric Burp – A visual trick that kids love. The deck transforms into a dinosaur and locates several signed cards in surprising ways.
  • You Do As She Thinks – One spectator selects and remembers a card. The other spectator takes any card and reverses it in the deck. Somehow they both selected the same card. Devious and deceptive method.
  • Extras – Some extra sleights

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