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At the Fringe of Reason was a series of 21 talks on matters as diverse as ‘The Science of Porn’ to ‘How Bugs Travel’. The day I attended Peter Harrison was giving a lecture on ‘The Science of Lucid Dreaming’. Like many in the audience I was, I learned, an oneironaut or lucid dreamer. That is “someone who can deliberately remain consciously awake during a dream and is completely aware of the situation.” Peter Harrison’s talk toyed with skeptical preconceptions of the use and misuse of dreams in psychobabble and supernaturalism and quickly moved into a review of what science and experimentation had established as fact about lucid dreaming. He then described how he used the technique as a kind of ‘virtual laboratory’ to test, while asleep, ideas he was developing in his day job as a magician. And it was fascinating. Peter Harrison spoke at the Glasgow Skeptics on Tuesday, November 9 also.

– Gerard Phillips, Vice President of the National Secular Society

Coffee Loving Skeptic

I attended the Victoria last night in Birmingham to see a talk by Peter Harrison (organised by Brum Skeptics in the Pub) on “The Science of Lucid Dreaming”. I must say, that as someone who thought he knew what lucid dreaming was, it became apparent that I knew less than I thought. This is the beauty of being a skeptic. It means you have an open mind to new information and are happy to adjust your outlook on the subject based on this new information. Being open-minded, as I’ve said before, does not mean you have to believe in every fairytale or woo-nonsense being spouted every day, but to look at the evidence and if the evidence goes against what you previously thought, then your thoughts can change. Rational, critical thinking without an agenda. The talk itself was very well presented. Peter is a naturally accomplished public speaker who seemed very at ease in front of a pub full of people.

– Tony Ryan, blogger

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Brilliant talk by @Harrison_Peter about lucid dreaming @Brum_Skeptics best talk I’ve heard here.


What an intro to #brumskeptics. @Harrison_Peter talking about lucid dreaming. Nervous about sleeping later!


Loved @harrison_peter 2night at @brum_skeptics.


Great evening seeing lots of lovely friends @Brum_Skeptics for a truly excellent talk from @Harrison_Peter. Sweet dreams…:-)


Drove 100 miles to see @Harrison_Peter at @Brum_Skeptics last night. Well worth the journey.


The @ReadingSITP was fab – @Harrison_Peter demystifying dreams + how to drive them, without any form of Woo.


Entertaining speaker, and really friendly bloke (also far too clever for his own good)


@Harrison_Peter was a pleasure to meet at @ScienceShowoff. You are the Dylan Moran of nomenclature😉


A Class Act.


This talk by @Harrison_Peter is quite honestly one of the most fascinating I’ve seen in a long time. So much new information (to me).


new contender for best talk of the festival thanks to @Harrison_Peter ‘s talk on the science of lucid dreaming #WinSciFest12


Some kids in the audience for @harrison_peter’s stuff previously, absolutely beaming at videos of nearly-dead snake heads..! V excited.


We’re getting to 40 minutes of Q’s here at #hackneyskeptics. Brilliant how engaged everyone is.


If you run an #sitp, book @harrison_peter. His talk is delightful. Longtime skeptic said was his favourite talk ever.


Oh @sitp groups you have to get @Harrison_Peter and his new talk. It’s soaring! #sotf

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