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Terrifying critter, I choose you!

How’s this for a blast from the past (or the early 90s at least)? Artist Vaughn Pinpin has re-imagined the starter Pokemon from Red and Blue in a Tim Burton-esque style.


You can view his website here.

PokemonTim Burton

Living a double life

I have nothing against people who don’t play video games. It’s just another form of media, and in some cases another form of art. Not everyone watches films. Not everyone reads books. It’s not a big deal. But I do get irritated by people who don’t play video games and therefore don’t understand them, then judge and criticise those that do.

I recently rediscovered this brilliant ad for the very first Playstation. It captures something that I think a lot of non-gamers miss when they make fun of gamers. We apparently waste our time for hours sitting in a room doing nothing. Nothing? We build worlds. We live dreams. We face impossible odds. We go to places, meet people, have adventures, that would otherwise be impossible. You can experience similar things in films and books, but gamers live it. If all we did was sit and stare at a screen, it would be a waste of our lives, I admit that. But is that all we do? We live a double life. Is a double life a waste? Or is it something more?

The ad is about gaming in general, not necessarily the ones that make a good case for gaming as an art. But the point remains. Anyway, the ad:

at least I can say I've livedgamingplaystationsony