The 21g soul: do our bodies become lighter after death?

The immaterial soul. How much does it weigh? Well, nothing if it’s immaterial. If something has mass, can it be defined as immaterial? Maybe not by someone reasoning normally. In far too many a few debates with theists I’ve had to listen to absurdly contradictory claims that scientists have confirmed and proven the existence of the immaterial soul since the human body weighs less after death. 21 g less to be precise. I am personally not convinced that there is reliable evidence of a soul, let alone that it has a quantifiable weight. But this is a belief held by many, and a “fact” that is occasionally brought up in discussions I have with theists. Continue reading The 21g soul: do our bodies become lighter after death?

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I love Wikipedia. No, I wouldn’t use it for academic research, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether. I adored my printed encyclopaedias as a child and read them back-to-back, sucking in as much knowledge as I could. Our collective knowledge changes over the years. Science is especially fluid. I’ve looked back at my old encyclopaedias and found many incorrect “facts”. This pleases me greatly as it means I absorbed the knowledge at the time and kept up-to-date on those cases. Wikipedia is the perfect encyclopaedia in my opinion because it’s as fluid as our knowledge. Sure, someone might incorrectly edit a page, but there are plenty of obsessive individuals (Wikipedians) willing to research the changes and maintain the quality of the content. I’ve finally became one of those obsessives. Continue reading Wikipedian

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